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Exagres S.A. introduces Serie Proyect 700. A high strength porcelain body produced by extrusion for intensive uses. Manufactured under the European Norm EN 14411-Group A1a. Its surface characteristics (colour, texture and very low porosity), shape (modular size, thickness and dove tail profile) and the highest level of mechanical and chemical resistance make the product suitable for projects submitted to strong requirements, obtaining great quality and aesthetic results as well as a very durable product.


high resistense tiles

High mecanical resistance

Proyect Serie shows very high values for mechanical resistance according to the test ISO 10545-4, obtaining much better values than those registered under the European Norm EU 14411

tabla resistencia

thickness dove tail

Thickness and dove tail profile

In case of punctual loadings, the tile distributes the impact over the substrate, so the compression stress decreases proportionally to the thickness of the tile.
Under dynamical charges the tile offers great resistance due to the combined action of three geometric characteristics. Dove tail profile optimizes the adherence to the bond coat, because it increases the contacting surface. The bevelled edges increase the impact resistance with vehicle wheels, trolleys… The side grooving of the piece maximizes the adhesion with the material used for joints.

geometry tile pieces

Excellent geometry of the pieces

The manufacturing system in Exagres allows the production of special pieces in 3D which give solution to edges and corners. This way, integral and homogeneous coatings are obtained.

high chemical resistance tile

High chemical resistance

Proyect Serie is highly resistant to chemicals according to the test ISO 10545-13 which determines the chemical resistance of the pieces. The floor is frequently named anti-acid.

low water absorption tile

Low water absorption

The pieces obtained by extrusion have a very low porosity, which allows better technical characteristics (mechanical resistance, anti-freeze, hygienic properties, etc…)

antislip tile

Antislip properties

The extrusion process also ensures that the product is non-slip, with great grip in adherence wet conditions, both outdoors and indoors. The PROYECT serie reaches a value of CLASS 3 in slip resistance (UNE-EN 12633:2003) and R11 in the standard slip angle standard (DIN 51130), being a product that complies with the rules and restrictions of the Código Técnico de la Edificación, for the most restrictive uses.


Main uses

Agroelimentary industry

Agro alimentary industrial plants have strong regulations. The technical requirements of these projects make Serie Project 700 the ideal proposal. Perfect maintenance combined with chemical and mechanical resistance are absolutely necessary for this kind of projects.

Shopping centers, warehouses

Modular formats and the wide range of special pieces of Serie project allow the tiling of big surfaces (commercial floors, malls, distribution centers, etc). The tile colour options allow delimitation of corridors, shopping areas, marks.

Chemical industry, metal industry and others

The design and thickness of the tile 12x24,5 and 18 mm thickness, the dove tail profile and the side groove of the piece allows the execution of high resistant floors with intensive uses. The tiles and the range of special pieces have the same characteristics as they are produced through the same process which guarantee a homogeneous behaviour of all the ceramic covering extension.

Architecture, urban design, public projects

The technical characteristics satisfy the high requirements of urban spaces, cause of its excellent resistance to mechanical stress and severe atmospheric conditions, stain resistance and anti-slip characteristics in dry or even wet surfaces, PROYECT serie provides new ways of urban design, allowing new possibilities of design to architects in pavement of urban spaces,, delimiting traffic areas, enclosing, signposting, space arrangement, decorative geometry, etc.

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