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Serie Exatech

EXA |TECH| is a ventilated facade system coming along with a high-performance porcelain extruded panel, which is compatible with a wide range of structural and fixing systems available in the market.

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Ópera Serie

A cutting-edge series with an industrial look that blends cement and concrete textures. The all-new Ópera collection creates a lovely and functional aesthetic in true minimalist style right in line with the latest trends. Developed in a large format and available in different surface finishes, it features special pieces to offer solutions to all sorts of construction elements such as staircases, walls and pools, both skimmer and overflow system.

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Lucca Serie

The rustic and mediterranean  of clay terracotta style is now reclaimed by both designers and architects for projects of any kind and style.

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Litos Serie

Litos is a ceramic tile series with a clay base and inlays of micro agglomerates derived from stones that generate an interesting material of character and natural beauty.

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Roca Polar Serie

Roca Collection from Exagres which reproduces the characteristic features of natural quartzite stone. It´s an exceptionally beautiful series which is sober yet elegant, and easy to match. There are trim pieces for the crowning of your swimming pool like a pool gutter and a pool coping edge (overflow).

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Marbles Serie

Our Marbles tile collection with three different types of marble: calacatta, ivory and cream travertine, recreates a stunning realism. For indoor as well as for outdoor use. There are special trim tiles available for the interior of your swimming pool.

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Natura Serie

Extruded wood tile flooring. Available in grey wood and dark wood tones, with finishing trim pieces, such as pool edges. Ideal for indoor and outdoor flooring.

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Alhamar Serie

Alhamar is presented as an excellent collection with a rustic appearance in 4 colours and different formats. It has elaborate graphics that highlight the ageing effect of the natural clay. With a hint of modernity, Alhamar is ideal for private homes, restaurants or public projects.

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Manhattan Serie

A new generation of brick inspired by the brick facades present in large international cities. A new collection concept with a wide range of sizes, combining various textures and designed for flooring and cladding. Design and technology in extrusion come together to offer a solution for new indoor and outdoor trends.

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Kioto Serie

The tile serie Kioto is inspired by oriental woods and has a timeless style. Both its graphics and smooth natural tones fit perfectly in a relaxed interior design. The finishes cover several types of wood: walnut, wengue and oak.

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Albaroc Serie

The Albaroc series gives you special ceramic tile pieces to address specific spaces. In addition, it has a variety of formats and finishes that adapt to any home.

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Markina Serie

Series with marble effect inspired by geology and characterised by large-sized tiles. Markina has a silky texture in different finishes with a trendy graphic, where its marble veins are the main characteristic. It is represented in two shades: White and Black. It is suitable for contract channel due to its 100x100cm and 60x120cm sizes, as well as its 120cm step and different architectural solutions. An avant-garde and innovative series.

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Yoho Serie

This collection recreates the texture of the wood, its light graphic contrast is suitable for any project. It offers wide chromatic shades and neutral represented in series Oak, Maple, Natural and Teca. These tones fit properly in any environment. Furthermore, it is offered in multiple shapes, formats and finishes to tile both indoor and outdoor areas.

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Milán Serie

A timeless proposal that cherishes the beauty of all things natural and the recovery of essential values with a geology-inspired design. The all-new Milán series comes in functional-inspired soft tones which can fit into any setting. The extensive and complete line of special pieces for unique areas, staircases and pools is the choice for integrated designs due to the original skimmer system edging.

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