Advancing Inclusivity: Exagres Expands Collaboration with Adecco Foundation


As a leading name in the ceramic industry, Exagres renews its dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in 2023, a vital component of our growth strategy. We've continued to strengthen our enduring partnerships with influential organizations on both national and international fronts.

Our steadfast commitment to CSR is demonstrated through sustained collaboration with significant entities, including the Spanish Red Cross and the Adecco Foundation.

In addition to our annual support for various Spanish Red Cross initiatives—ranging from aiding individuals at risk of social exclusion to distributing essential supplies—we've maintained our active involvement in the Adecco Foundation's Disability Week project. This ongoing commitment underscores our dedication to creating a lasting positive social impact.

Exagres Renews Its Pledge to Disability Week 2023

Once again, Exagres proudly supports the Adecco Foundation's Disability Week—an initiative aimed at advancing the employment prospects of individuals with disabilities. The program operates on two fronts: raising awareness among businesses and society as a whole and providing training to enhance the skills and employability of individuals with disabilities. In 2023, the theme, "Uncomfortable Silences," shines a light on the daily challenges faced by people with disabilities in the workplace, with the aim of fostering empathy and dispelling biases and stereotypes.

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to organizations as vital as the Adecco Foundation. We deeply appreciate the invaluable work they do to promote a fairer and more equal society. These commendable charitable efforts will always find unwavering support from Exagres.