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Projects for the hospitality industry, offices and shopping areas account for a large majority of construction projects planned for the coming months. 

The contract sector is highly demanding in terms of design and material quality.

The rise of the contract channel in recent years is a reality that will only continue to gain momentum in 2019. Interior design projects for the hospitality industry, offices and public spaces differ insofar as their strict choice of premium max-strength materials, as well as innovative and original designs with which to arouse expectation and raise project profiles. As a result, innovation in the design and production processes used in the ceramic sector in recent years has contributed to a boom in the contract channel as a market, leading to an extremely high level of technical evolution that has produced a wide range of products to meet all the technical and aesthetic requirements currently sought by consumer motivators.

The contract sector. In search of the perfect material.

Exposure to human traffic and an intense use of installations wherever they are applied requires premium quality in the materials from which they are made. Outdoor areas at the mercy of adverse weather conditions, public spaces subject to human traffic every single day, wet or seaside areas where erosion by sand or salt water often affects the condition of materials are just some of the challenges that need to be tackled successfully. However, consumer motivators, architects and refurbishment engineers not only seek a material that can pass technical testing. Design innovation and variety in the material also represents an increasingly more important value for gaining access to this type of projects. Product functionality is another major challenge that needs to be faced by the materials forming part of a contract project. Continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces (including even the swimming pool) is one of the most sought-after trends because of the high aesthetic value it brings to a project.

In response to all these demands, the Exagres product range stands as a material with all the necessary guarantees for successful project implementation. The undeniable strength and durability of extruded tile, together with the design and finishes of the collections stemming from extensive research on trends and product analysis, convert these materials into the perfect ally for the most rigorous of projects by adapting to the needs of different spaces and meeting all the requirements dictated by technical building codes.

Trends that will define the contract sector in 2019.

Large format products are gaining strength as one of the biggest trends this year. The option to use products with large dimensions on floors, walls and stair treads allows great scale to be achieved in the space while also minimising the number of visible joints, generating a noticeable feeling of continuity. In this type of product, marble is a genuine classic for the contract sector because of it extreme beauty and timelessness. Marbles with noticeable contrasts and veins are highly popular this year, the effect of which has become a plus when choosing materials that simulate original marble.

The Marbles series from Exagres is an excellent choice for following this trend, with three different types of marble (Calacatta, Crema Marfil and Travertino) that perfectly recreate the elegance of this natural material to a surprising degree of reality. Furthermore, their exceptional technical properties adapt to any indoor or outdoor space.

Wood, represented by next-generation tiles, is another of this year’s trends in interior design and decoration. The use of parquet or floating floor presents some major ‘buts’ in terms of its durability and resistance to constant use. The emergence of ceramic flooring capable of naturally recreating this material while also offering continuity in indoor-outdoor spaces and the features sought by the contract sector in terms of materials makes it a number one choice for 2019.

Consumer motivators in search of this style will find the new YOHO series in the Exagres catalogue, a collection with a broad and neutral colour range represented in Oak, Maple, Natural and Teca tones. The series comes in various formats and surface finishes for bases and special pieces that can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Another of the leading trends in 2019 will be the special pieces, which offer technical and highly specific solutions such as stair treads or special pieces for swimming pools to meet all the technical needs that any contracting project might require.

Undoubtedly the biggest new product from Exagres for the contracting sector this year is the new technical product Exadeck. This is an innovative material offering great durability that allows wood projects and renovations to be carried out flexibly, quickly and cleanly, while providing smart solutions for the concealment of wiring and conduits without undertaking major construction work.

The extensive range in the Exagres catalogue, especially its most recent additions (Markina, Yoho and Exadeck), as well as our entire team of experts, is at the disposal of all those architects, engineers, interior designers and building contractors looking to incorporate a unique product capable of meeting all the demands and requirements of a project of this nature.

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