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EXADECK, the best solution for high-traffic, residential and wet areas.

EXADECK, the best solution for high-traffic, residential and wet areas.

EXADECK was given the ‘Som Ceràmica’ award at the latest edition of Cevisama in recognition for its innovation in ceramic products of urban applications. It’s a paving system comprised of quick-install suspended ceramic slats one of the great new developments presented by Exagres this year.

EXADECK is an innovative solution of great interest to architects and opinion leaders given its technical features and elegant design. Since environmental conditions and the weather don’t affect the material, EXADECK is a product mainly intended for outdoor use as a safe choice in comparison to other materials like wood, plastic and resins.


This latest launch by Exagres is known for the great variety of advantages it offers contractors when designing and implementing their projects. The technical features of the extruded ceramic make it ideal for use in urban areas and other public areas in addition to being a system that’s suitable for residential or commercial areas, guaranteeing inalterability over time and compatibility in high-traffic areas.

Likewise, its freeze resistance, thermostability, high mechanical resistance to impacts, abrasion and stains along with its immense anti-slip properties (C-3) complete all the advantages that make EXADECK the ideal product for outdoor use and in wet areas.

On the other hand, the ease of use based on a suspended installation system requiring no specific tools with very simple assembly and dismantling reduces the economic costs of projects using this material due to faster completion terms. Plus, EXADECK paving is supported on battens which makes it possible to conveniently and easily distribute utility systems underneath given all the advantages offered by this fixing system.

Choosing EXADECK for outdoor projects not only provides excellent technical benefits but also a modern look inspired by wood which adds continuity and spaciousness to areas for great homogeneity and harmony without having to give up on a contemporary design.


One very important factor that characterizes EXADECK is the fact that the pieces do not need to be screwed down during assembly. Traditional deck materials are limited as far as certain utility systems since it must be screwed down which ends up damaging the lower membrane.

Another factor that makes a real difference in comparison with traditional deck materials is the fireproof nature of EXADECK which is not found in resin or wood deck materials.

Finally, EXADECK can be used in different patterns such as herringbone, linear, interlocked or in a mosaic which means it can be used in a wide variety of areas:

 - Residential areas: courtyards, terraces, pools, porches, gardens, etc.

 - Public areas: pedestrian walkways, beaches, terraces, etc.

 - High-traffic commercial areas: hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, etc.

 - Wet areas: connections between beaches, pool decks, etc.

If you’d like more information on EXADECK for your project, please contact us. Our technical team will be happy to answer all your questions.

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