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The hotel at home. Trends in Private Swimming Pools

The hotel at home. Trends in Private Swimming Pools

Private swimming pools drop traditional style to adopt more modern trends and designs.

With a few days to go before the summer arrives, swimming pool construction or renovation is becoming especially important in the private and residential sectors. The latest swimming pool trends are leaning towards the complete personalisation of these spaces and kitting them out with everything you could need.

Trends in residential swimming pool design

Bearing in mind the terrain on which the swimming pool will be built and the technical possibilities for the project, the latest trends are leaning towards the design of rectangular and elongated swimming pools rather than the conventional oval shapes. Above all, there has been a surge in swimming pools in which the water seems to disappear into the infinite distance as one of the chosen preferences in recent seasons.

In terms of ceramic tiles, the most popular are marblewood and stone effect designs, whose lighter tones - such as sand or very light greys - enhance the natural light in a swimming pool. Furthermore, this colour palette combines perfectly with LED nocturnal lighting.

On the other hand, in terms of the flooring for swimming pools, terraces or porches, the popularity of Mediterranean design aesthetics is swinging the scales towards ceramic paving products in search of decorative harmony with the house and even aesthetic continuity between the interior and exterior.

Success of the overflow system for swimming pools

One of the biggest trends in swimming pools continues to be the overflow coping system. The water flows over the edge to create a continuous water effect of considerable aesthetic value and complete integration between the interior and exterior of the swimming pool. This style arose in hotel and wellness centre projects but has become highly popular in recent years for private and residential swimming pools. There is nothing like having a swimming pool worthy of the best hotel at home for enjoying a refreshing dip to overcome the hot summer nights.

Innovation and latest trends in swimming pools with the skimmer system

Swimming pool coping has become increasingly more integrated with the surrounding environment and the material used on the walls of the pool. The classic skimmer system is mostly chosen for its simple maintenance and functionality.

The high demand for it in the contracting channel has opened the door to innovations based on edges with different shapes (straight and more sophisticated, gentle curves) and a wide range of design and texture options (with marble, stone, cement and wood finishes), all of them based on the latest trends emerging in the ceramic sector.

At Exagres, we specialise in technical and aesthetic solutions for swimming pools. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or advice on your project.

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