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Choosing the Colour of your Pool

Choosing the Colour of your Pool

Sky blue? Dark blue? Turquoise? Green? The colour of your swimming pool is one of the most important decisions when starting to work on such a project, because the aesthetic result will change significantly based on the tones you want to see reflected in it.

What factors impact the colour of your pool and how to choose the best colour to suit the surroundings are a couple of the questions answered in this post.

The impact of depth and surroundings on the colour of your pool.

The colour of the water in your pool will be determined by several factors that impact the final design. Water depth is one of those factors, the parameters of which will determine water clarity: the larger the volume of water and the deeper the pool, the bluer the water will seem to be.

Surrounding vegetation is something else to bear in mind. Its effect on the colour of your pool depends on the amount of flora that surrounds it. Abundant plant life will give the water a greener and darker tone, while a lack of surrounding vegetation will allow for a design in which the water will seem clearer.

Light transforms the colour of the water in your pool.

Lighting is an essential factor that can drastically transform the water colour based on its intensity and source. There are various factors that directly influence water colour, such as pool location (indoors or outdoors) and the surrounding light, both natural and artificial light. The brighter it is, the clearer the water will seem. Meanwhile, weaker lighting will darken the water.

Choose the right tiles for your pool.

The tiles you choose for the walls of your swimming pool, as well as the flooring and coping around it, are decisive factors in achieving the desired colour.

In the wide range of designs and colours comprising the latest swimming pool trends, it is worth highlighting the sandy, white and grey tones.

Tile selection will be determined by the chosen colour for the swimming pool:

WATER ON A SCALE OF LIGHT BLUES: these tones are achieved by using white and very light-coloured tiles. These colours highlight the decorative elements and accessories fitted in the pool.

For a swimming pool on a scale of blues, Exagres suggests using the Marbles Calacatta, Litos Ártico and Roca Polar models.

TURQUOISE WATER OR GREEN WATER: these tropical tones are created with sand, beige or earthy tones for the tiles. They are the most suitable for this purpose because they produce an effect similar to a Caribbean beach. These colours also offer a broad spectrum of tones when weather conditions change.

The Marbles series in Travertino and Crema Marfil or the Litos Sabana model by Exagres are excellent choices for achieving a swimming pool of lighter colour.

GREYISH WATER WITH HINTS OF BLUE OR GREEN: grey tones and shadows make pool water closely resemble the sea, imitating an idyllic lake or even the ocean in a corner of paradise. This more discreet tone will help camouflage any dirt and give your pool a more sober and elegant appearance.

To achieve a result similar to the ocean in your swimming pool, Exagres recommends the Litos Siberia series.

If you have a pool project in mind or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us for some professional advice

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