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Leading Trends at Cevisama 2020

Leading Trends at Cevisama 2020

The future trends revealed in the most recent report jointly produced by the Observatorio Cerámico [Ceramic Industry Observatory] and the Observatorio de Tendencias del Hábitat [Habitat Trends Observatory] were confirmed at the stands of the numerous companies attending Cevisama 2020.

Sustainable Luxury

The most popular trends among ceramic material consumers include a fast growing concern for environment issues, embodied in the so-called Ethical Luxury concept. This idea champions an approach in which ethical consumption needs not be at odds with luxury and sophistication, and has led to new products that meet the modern needs of ceramic buyers.

Picture: Objects and ideas paradise chair di tao 2 Source: Design Milk

Picture: Tank Barware Cocktail Source: Design Milk

Marble products are positioning themselves as the main source of inspiration for classic patterns, as well as more audacious projects with more eye-catching designs. In contrast, designs based on natural materials - such as wood and stone - are also making a big impression this season and are considered essential.

Picture: About Vaselli Marmi Source: Made in Story

Imagen: Kelly Wearstler 2020 Collection 2 Fuente: Design Milk

Connection with Nature

Two of the biggest trends visible this year are those being referred to as Green Code & Balance Care. Focused on a purer connection with nature through various designs, they are all about mixing natural materials and other waste products into the range of collections in this segment.

Picture: Bob Betong  Source: Bla Station

Cement-based surfaces mixed with other looks -such as concrete- and small format products - such as listellos and bricks - stand out among the most popular of these trends, which also go against the omnipresent desire to create larger formats. The large dimensions of ceramic pieces become increasingly popular season after season, with efforts aimed at making joints as invisible as possible to enhance the sensation of continuity, a demand that remains strong from architects and interior designers.

Picture: Charlotte Jonckheer x Serge Lesage — Paysage I  Source: Anniversary Magazine

The Rise of Metallic Design

A common thread running through all the trends studied is the constant development of ceramic collections based on metal. This year, the products on show are the result of using techniques that encourage wear and material combinations.

Picture: Apparatus Neo Objects 1 Source: Design Milk

The versatility and options provided by metallic design lead to visual symmetries and geometries that perfectly suit modern architectural construction, in which the most innovative and contemporary projects will find new collections that follow this new trend to enhance the three-dimensionality of pieces and enrich the final product.

Picture: Ben Storms — 'Untitled' Daybed  Source: Anniversary Magazine

The contract sector, interior designers and architects work tirelessly with the ceramic industry every year to produce new designs, new materials and innovative projects to reflect all the trends that have been discussed.

Picture: Modern Classic Design Trend   Source: Best Design Books

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