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Proyect by Exagres, the Safest and Most Hygienic Porcelain Tile for Industrial Use

Proyect by Exagres, the Safest and Most Hygienic Porcelain Tile for Industrial Use

Hygiene and safety are becoming more than essential features in industrial and urban spaces, environments where the current situation requires going the extra mile

The importance of health and safety in the workplace and public spaces has always been key when designing and executing projects of this nature. Nowadays, these demands have been turned up a notch from being essential to become unavoidable. As a result, there is a need for materials that combine functionality with safety while meeting all the technical demands of such projects.

A Safe, Hygienic and Strong Porcelain Tile

A high degree of functionality, durability and strength, both mechanical and chemical, is guaranteed with Proyect by Exagres. A collection that is solely and exclusively focused on urban architecture, public works and industrial projects, it provides high levels of strength and hygiene for the demands experienced by such spaces. It is ideal for withstanding the traffic of heavy loads.

Proyect offers the highest standards of safety, functionality and hygiene for all kinds of productive and industrial activities.

Furthermore, its low porosity guarantees dirt will not be absorbed and hygiene levels in the material will be maintained, from which no odours are released and which can be cleaned easily. Similarly, its anti-slip properties and resistance to deep abrasion, stains and ice ensure quality and durability in all industrial situations.

Range of Industrial Applications

The extensive versatility and range of technical features in the Proyect series are aimed at all sorts of industries. From industrial kitchens, wineries, mechanics workshops and large retail stores, to sports facilities, public works or the chemical and metal industry.

Proyect is perfect for applying to any covering that will be subject to intense pressures, while offering finishes of excellent aesthetic quality, resistance and durability.

Its exclusive geometric characteristics - the dovetail grooved back, the bevelled edges and lateral grooves - in combination with a thickness of 18mm, provides an overall package with strong resistance to dynamic loads while increasing resistance to the impact from vehicle and industrial forklift wheels. Furthermore, the manufacture of special pieces in 3D for solving specific construction requirements, level changes, joints and corners achieves the ideal geometry for the pieces and an impeccable final finish.

An Environmentally Friendly Product

To enable experts and professionals to opt for a more sustainable environmental construction model and commit to environmental improvement in the construction sector, the Proyect series meets ISO 14025 and EN UNE 15804 + A1 standards, the verified Environmental Product Declaration of the DAPconstrucción® programme and DAPcons® 002.019.


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