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Exagres, the best guarantee for your swimming pool

Exagres, the best guarantee for your swimming pool

Now the biggest stars of the summer with their spectacular designs, Exagres swimming pools are the best guarantee of quality and durability

Now that the summer is here and all those renovation and construction projects that had been put on hold can resume, new swimming pool designs are being developed and launched. The choice of material for these projects will make all the difference to the end result.


A fundamental part of making these swimming pool construction projects possible is the use of special pieces that offer solutions to all the unique sections included in the design, thus enabling a successful conclusion.

Every type of swimming pool - whether a classic Skimmer, the lake-effect overflow pools or the always spectacular Infinity pools - has its own specific technical features and therefore needs specific pieces.

The broad range of collections to be found in the Exagres catalogue includes everything from ceramic grilles and overflow edges (for lake-effect and Infinity pools), through such pieces as corners, semi-round tiles, borders and nail tiles, to the innovative Skimmer Edge by Exagres, which is decorated on all sides to enable perfect aesthetic integration into any project.


Another fundamental aspect to consider when designing and subsequently building these incredible swimming pools is the decoration and texture of the pieces that cover both the pool interior and the surrounding area. In this regard, choosing Exagres as the lining material hugely expands the aesthetic possibilities for the project and enhances its design.

Warm and natural wood, elegant marble, timeless stone or modern cement are just a few of the options available, all of which are made from the tough and durable extruded ceramic tiles from Exagres, combining the very best high-performance features of this material with some very natural looking finishes in every collection. Technical solutions and surface finishes that also enable complete aesthetic continuity between the swimming pool - including the pool interior - and the inside of your home. This perfectly reflects the latest In&Out trend that is gaining popularity among professionals in this sector as more and more opt to integrate different spaces.

Exagres has therefore added its complete catalogue to the BIM library to facilitate the work of architects and designers when choosing the materials they need to complete a project, whether residential and recreational swimming pools or public and sports swimming pools.

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