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Proyect, the strongest and most durable industrial paving material around

Proyect, the strongest and most durable industrial paving material around

Made from extruded porcelain tile, Proyect is perfect for industrial areas because it offers great strength for withstanding heavy load traffic and is resistant to deep abrasion and stains.

The construction demands on industrial and public works projects require high technical standards in all the materials used. The paving material is especially important because floors are subject to such heavy use.

The Proyect range from Exagres stands as a benchmark product in the field of construction and industrial architecture thanks to its outstanding technical performance in terms of strength and durability.


Proyect offers the highest standards of safety, functionality and hygiene for productive and industrial activities. Its advantages include superb performance in terms of mechanical resistance and is therefore highly suited to heavy load traffic. Besides resistance to deep abrasion, stains, ice and chemical agents, Proyect also offers incredible durability.

Furthermore, user safety is fully guaranteed against possible slips (thanks to its CLASS 3 non-slip properties) and unwanted health issues because this porcelain tile has extremely low porosity so it does not absorb dirt or water and is very easy to clean. It is a hygienic industrial paving material that effectively prevents the spread of bacteria and fungi.

All these characteristics are enhanced by the 18 mm thickness of each piece of Proyect, capable of supporting increased load capacity and improving mechanical and chemical grip. It also offers great resistance to dynamic loads thanks to its dovetail grooved rear, its bevelled edges and lateral grooves.

Furthermore, Proyect has been verified in the DAP register (Product Environmental Declaration) as part of its commitment to environmental improvement in the construction sector.


Another of the main advantages presented by Proyect is the optimal geometry of its pieces. Based on the exclusive Exagres extrusion system, special pieces can be manufactured in 3D for solving specific construction requirements, level changes, joints and corners to achieve extensive diversity in this collection and enable applications in such fields as:

- The agri-food industry.
- Warehouses and distribution centres.
- The chemical and metallurgy industry.
- Town planning and public works.


If you would like to know more about the technical features of Proyect, please do not hesitate to contact our team of professionals. We will be thrilled to advise you on your next project.

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