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Ceramic Floor Tiles for Major Works and Architectural Projects

Ceramic Floor Tiles for Major Works and Architectural Projects

Exagres offers a wide range of ceramic tile products to meet the requirements of different projects and channels. Its products range from modern, aesthetically pleasing collections for terraces and swimming pools, through the traditional features and strength of the Gresan line, to the technical innovation of Exadeck.

In&Out, the biggest trend of the year

Aesthetic integration in domestic environments has consolidated itself as one of the biggest trends in the construction and remodelling of private homes. Merging the interior and exterior spaces of a home not only provides a visual sense of space when looking out but also when looking in, ensuring that rooms connect with their surroundings and thereby provide a feeling of freedom and relaxation even at times of the year when the temperatures fall and terraces are used less often.

Exagres offers an extensive range of ceramic floor tiles to meet all the technical and aesthetic requirements posed by projects of this nature: natural and C-1 and C-3 non-slip finishes for installation based on the needs of each space; large-format bases and stair treads; and swimming pool edges and special pieces to solve unique challenges and joint requirements. A complete range of options especially designed for guaranteeing excellent results from any construction project. 

Tradition and innovation in ceramic floor tiles

Besides guaranteeing the best building materials for your project, the quality and design features of ceramic floor tiles from Exagres go one step further to offer various product lines adapted to the different construction needs we have identified among architects and interior designers.

The latest modern designs in the catalogue are also accompanied by a more traditional product line, Gresan. The outstanding strength of this naturally produced extruded ceramic tile provides a lifetime guarantee as well as diversity and modularity in each piece. Furthermore, Gresan is a 100% environmentally friendly material - a characteristic that is highly sought after by the most modern and sustainable of projects nowadays.

In terms of more technical products, Exagres offers the Exadeck range - a ceramic decking product unique in the market, quick to install and requiring almost no maintenance that does not stain, scratch, fade or absorb liquids. The perfect choice for quick and clean projects using a technically unbeatable material with impeccable aesthetics.

Now that the new projects for autumn are starting to take shape, would you like to receive first-hand information about all the options to be found in the Exagres catalogue? Get in touch with us for some personalised technical advice.

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