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Exagres launches exa|TECH|, its new line for the design of ventilated facades

Exagres launches exa|TECH|, its new line for the design of ventilated facades

Exagres expands its technical solutions for construction projects and launches exa|TECH|, its new product range focused on the design of ventilated facades.

exa|TECH|, innovation in facade design

exa|TECH| hits the market and revolutionize ceramics industry as a ventilated facade system coming along with a high-performance porcelain extruded panel, which is compatible with a wide range of structural and fixing systems available in the market.

diseño de fachadas

This construction system bursts onto the market to bring a next generation architectural solution, providing the project with the best performance against the elements and offering a quick installation, cost effective and environmentally friendly program with a wide variety of finishes.

Ventilated extruded stoneware facade, the best guarantee for facade design

The demand for ventilated facades with ceramic cladding is on the rise. Much of its success is due to the excellent technical properties of this material, which provides great hardness and resistance against adverse weather conditions.

diseño de fachadas

exa|TECH| ventilated facades offer strong resistance against UV rays and long durability. In addition, this material has almost zero water absorption, which is a powerful advantage in terms of insulation and energy savings. These are essential features in all those current projects focused on facade design.

Another of its stand-out elements is that exa|TECH| comes with an extensive range of collections and a broad variety of finishes. They can be adapted to the design and style of all different homes and buildings.

Technical features

Both for new constructions and buildings renovations, exa|TECH| stands out for its lightness, which makes it ideal for renovation projects as it transmits less weight to the building structure compared to other available systems on the market.

Thanks also to the wide variety of formats, exa|TECH| can be adapted to the different building shapes, facilitating a fast installation. This means economic saving as it does not require any reinforcement mesh, or side / rear cuts to form the grooves, drastically reducing production costs compared to other manufacturers, resulting in a more economical final product.

diseño de fachadas

exa|TECH| unbeatable technical and aesthetic features will make this new Exagres’ launch the benchmark product among professionals and architects for the design of ventilated facades:

- Virtually zero absorption values, it prevents the proliferation of bacteria, mould and dirt build-up.

- Continuous thermal insulation.

- Hygrothermal Control. Air in the ventilated facade chamber is constantly being renewed.

- Watertightness.

- Improves the overall acoustic performance.

- Fireproof, completely fire resistant material.

- Full Body, it offers different coloured body options, giving a continuous aesthetic finish to the surface and core of the panel.


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