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YOHO pool edge tile. Benefits and distinctive characteristics.

YOHO pool edge tile. Benefits and distinctive characteristics.

The special pieces in the new YOHO series include the novel 45x75x3 cm pool skimmer edge tile

Among the new products presented by Exagres this year is the new YOHO series, a series that recreates the texture and natural beauty of wood while also offering a light graphic contrast. This series has a broad yet neutral colour palette, represented by the Oak, Maple, Natural and Teca tones, fully meeting all the aesthetic needs of any contract project for which it could be used.

As we saw in our previous post about this year’s contract trends, next-gen tiles that recreate wood are the latest fashion in interior design and decoration this year because they combine all the qualities sought after by the contract sector for its projects, both technical and design-related.

The YOHO series offers various formats and finishes on its bases and special pieces for both indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as swimming pool coping thanks to the latest new product to be released: the 45x75x3 cm format pool skimmer edge tile.


Technical innovation in special pieces for swimming pools is clearly evident in the latest product to be launched by Exagres: YOHO Skimmer Edge Tile. The new shape of the YOHO pool skimmer edge tile, together with the decorative finish, means it can be installed at both beach level or in a raised position.

This characteristic allows an integrated design to be adopted on projects that achieves aesthetic continuity. It also allows designers to take advantage of the option to create different variations on the original design through the ability to combine various textures and/or materials, such as wood with cement, marble or plant cover.


The YOHO series presents this new pool edge product in 45x75x3 cm and in four different tones. Its 45 cm width and Class 3 anti-slip resistance means people can walk on it in complete safety. Furthermore, this collection has been designed for use with a skimmer system, thereby facilitating simple and highly functional maintenance.

The new skimmer edge is also an extruded tile product, giving the pieces a low water absorption level and therefore better technical characteristics, improved mechanical resistance and protection against aggressive chemical substances. It also offers greater protection against sudden temperature changes and better hygiene properties when compared with other materials.

If you would like to know more about the new pool skimmer edge tile, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our technical team will be more than happy to offer all the advice you need for your next contract project.

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