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Special Pieces: Technical Solutions for the Most Demanding Projects

Special Pieces: Technical Solutions for the Most Demanding Projects

The wide range of special Exagres pieces makes it possible to successfully and confidently fulfil any technical requirement indicated in an architectural project.

To a greater or lesser extent, contemporary architecture requires special pieces to meet certain technical needs based on the particular design considered.
There are all types of needs with specific solutions required for each.

Exagres is a specialist in offering professional solutions for all contract projects needing them. Architects, engineers, interior designers and builders will find a wide variety of special pieces in the Exagres catalog to meet all sorts of technical or aesthetic needs with the most original designs.


Committed to innovation and developing products of the utmost quality, Exagres offers the sector an extensive range of specially designed pieces to meet all the needs and trends in today’s market. The 120 cm and 33 cm steps were developed in response to the large format trend. Both are available in several series in the catalog.

Other extruded ceramic products that stand out because of their high-performing features include drip edge flashing -used for windows, door awnings, cantilevers, corbels and as an upper finish on dividing, perimeter and enclosure walls - and stair rails, specially designed for use in wall cladding as well as guardrails on terraces, rooftops, clothes drying areas, stairways and parapets in addition to crownings for enclosure and dividing walls.


All Exagres special pieces are manufactured through an extrusion process which gives ceramic materials superior resistance and durability properties. Due to their high mechanical resistance to impact, abrasion and freezing as well as their anti-slip properties (C-3), Exagres products are the best solution for high-traffic areas and other public areas indoors and outdoors.

The use of a digital print system in the production process has been key to increasing the aesthetic value of Exagres products and offering professionals a greater variety of designs. This high-quality print also means pieces can be completely decorated with anything from low reliefs to different planes as seen in the special parts available in our catalog.

This is why Exagres is a world leader capable of offering unique and technically and aesthetically superior ceramic products.

If you’d like to find out more about all the special pieces available in our catalog, don’t think twice about contacting us. Our team will be happy to help you and advise you on your project.

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