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Special pieces for swimming pools. The comprehensive solution for any project.

Special pieces for swimming pools. The comprehensive solution for any project.

Depending on the individual design of any given swimming pool, certain specific pieces will be needed that meet the technical requirements for the project.

Besides the more traditional shapes, modern swimming pool designers can take inspiration from a vast set of styles and configurations that range from sober timeless lines in rectangular shapes to oval- or kidney-shaped designs, as well as even freeform shapes that allow pools to emerge from more creative projects and exist in previously impossible spaces.

The design and characteristics of a swimming pool will be determined by the technical requirements and the complexity involved in construction, as well as the materials needed for a suitable finish and durability.

The Exagres swimming pool catalog includes a wide range of pieces especially designed to successfully meet the demands of all sorts of projects, whether using an overflow or a skimmer system.

Overflow Pools

The market demand for swimming pools with overflow systems has grown rapidly in recent years. This is mainly because of two things: they filter faster and more hygienically; and the lake effect that provides a feeling of swimming in nature because there are no visual barriers between the pool and the terrace. Common in hotel and resort renovation and new-build construction projects, they are being found increasingly more often in private projects.

This coping system enables the water surface to be kept clean and crystal-clear at all times. Special pieces are needed for these systems that can offer guarantees and long-term durability, such as the overflow edge and ceramic grille from Exagres; pieces that are specific to this system and perfectly complement such technical solutions as the corner overflow and corner grille. These products naturally meet the anti-slip requirements needed for installation in wet areas.

Another of the possibilities offered by the range of special pieces for swimming pools from Exagres is the cladding for pool interiors with extruded stoneware, an ultra-strong and easy-to-maintain material with collections that, besides design and exclusivity, offer all the special pieces necessary for building a swimming pool, such as the halfpipe corner trim, edge trim, nail trim and edge nail trim.

Litos and Roca Polar are the series from Exagres that include items for overflow coping systems. They create an outstanding and modern atmosphere in any space, as well as complete integration between the pool interior and exterior.

Pools with a Skimmer System

Another more common and more easily implemented system for swimming pool design is the skimmer. The latest new products from Exagres include the new 45x75x3 skimmer edge trim in the Yoho wood effect series. Its new shape, together with the decorative finish of its edges, means it can be installed at both beach level or in a raised position to achieve complete pool-terrace integration and aesthetic continuity in the design.

Another collection that takes inspiration from wood with special pieces for this type of system is the Natura series and its 28x66.5 cm edge trim, which also offers both inner and outer corner pieces.

If, on the other hand, we’re looking for more elegant and sophisticated atmospheres, the straight edge trim in the Marbles series is a perfect alternative, available in 33x60 format and with the items needed to cover the pool interior.

We also have pieces for swimming pool coping with edges in 28x33 format in such collections as Lucca and Petra. A perfect choice for creating rustic style. Furthermore, the natural Gresan extruded stoneware completes this range with two types of edges for skimmer coping.

A diverse selection of designs and solutions for all kinds of systems, with the maximum safety and durability that comes as standard with Exagres products.

Exagres has a technical team of experienced professionals for answering all your questions and offering advice on all sorts of projects. Get in touch with us and discover the entire range of swimming pool solutions from Exagres.

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