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Infinity Pools with Exagres

Infinity Pools with Exagres

The latest swimming pool trends are focused on lending more importance to the surrounding landscapes or countryside and creating incredible views.

Swimming pools have become a highly significant part of home design. Building a pool increases property value and enhances quality of life by adding a space for relaxation, well-being and recreational activity.

The use of infinity pools is one of the options gaining weight among architects and landscape designers around the world. They can often be found in coastal areas and the impressive views are created by the visual effect produced by this type of overflow swimming pool, melding the pool edge with the sea in the background and thus giving an impression of continuity all the way to the horizon. The overflow system imitates the landscape in front of it: a forest, a mountain range, the sky, etc.

Complete integration into the surroundings with infinity pools

Total integration with the surroundings is achieved by the characteristic overflow system of infinity pools. The swimming pool edge is the key element of these systems, which is below the water level and allows for a constant overflow. The pool itself has a slight incline that pushes the water towards the edge overlooking the landscape view.

The water cascades like a waterfall via a perimeter channel that carries it to the filters and, from there, back to the pool using a recirculation pump.
Investing in an infinity pool is fully justifiable when considering the sensation of relaxation produced by swimming in this type of installation, allowing the bather to enjoy the horizon as if it formed part of a living landscape in motion.

Advantages of overflow pools

Choosing an infinity pool, either for a private or contract project, offers numerous advantages:

ELEGANCE: the aesthetic beauty provided by the lake effect gives infinity pools extra satisfaction and design bonuses.

SIZE AND COMFORT: the open space created with an overflow system creates a sensation of total freedom in the water because there are no barriers between you and the horizon.

EFFICIENCY: although building an infinity pool can increase the final budget, the filtering system is significantly more economical and efficient because it requires no pool floor cleaning.

CLEANLINESS AND SAFETY: thanks to the uniform perimeter overflow system of infinity pools, the surface of the water is kept clean and crystal clear. By taking water from the balance tank, pool circulation entrapment accidents are prevented and installation safety is guaranteed.

Technical Solutions from Exagres for Swimming Pools

The ceramic covering of infinity pools requires technical solutions that cater for access to the bathing area, water filtration and height changes.

Exagres has developed specific pieces for these purposes (grilles, corners, edges, etc.) - available in the Litos and Roca Polar series - that enable comfortable and safe access to the bathing area and guarantee successful implementation of this type of project, as well as offering modern designs that give character to each project.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about our collections for infinity pools. 

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