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Different Textures for Different Pool Styles

Different Textures for Different Pool Styles

Texture variety is one of the most highly sought-after aesthetic characteristics in the design of collections for swimming pools among professionals nowadays.

When approaching the design of a swimming pool for a new building project, one of the things most highly appreciated by architects is access to a broad range of options that not only meet the aesthetic requirements but the most demanding of technical requirements as well.

At Exagres, we have an extensive range of collections for private and residential swimming pools offering multiple styles and special pieces for swimming pool coping that combine perfectly with technical and aesthetic solutions for the design and construction of any project.

The warmth and natural feel of wood and rustic materials

Wood-effect extruded tiles are one of the materials that have been in highest demand for interior design projects for several seasons. This trend has recently evolved and brought those designs to terraces and swimming pools as a way of playing with aesthetic continuity and spatial harmonisation. Our Natura and Yoho series, which includes a new skimmer edge for swimming pools, are perfect for creating that natural and warm style.

In line with this more natural look, we find renewed rustic designs in which creating a Mediterranean-like atmosphere becomes the main goal. Swimming pools with unique personality and a country look without sacrificing the technical characteristics of extruded tile, such as high strength and durability over time. Our Lucca collection is the perfect choice for this type of construction project.

The elegance of marble and timelessness of stone

Thanks to the implementation of cutting-edge technology, the aesthetic look of extruded tile collections achieves possibilities and applications that were unthinkable until now.

The ultra-realism of the latest ceramic marble products by Exagres, such as the Marbles series, means they can be used in such areas as terraces and swimming pools to enjoy their elegant design without sacrificing safety, hygiene and the anti-slip properties of this material.

The design of more neutral timeless swimming pools reaches a pinnacle of splendour in extruded tile collections with a stone-like texture. This type of design guarantees a highly natural look and durability over time, with aesthetics that survive trends and offering unbeatable technical qualities. Our Litos and Roca Polar stone-effect series offer an extensive catalogue of special pieces for swimming pools capable of meeting any kind of building requirement.

Please contact our technical team to talk about the needs of your project and receive advice on the most suitable collection for realising it to your utmost satisfaction.

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