Construction Solutions for Public and Private Swimming Pools

Construction solutions for public and private swimming pools

Exagres has created specific product lines that are focused on public and private swimming pools to offer architects and builders various carefully developed items to meet high-level technical performance requirements.

El reciente comienzo de la temporada da el pistoletazo de salida a las nuevas propuestas y diseños de piscinas. Tanto en el ámbito público como en el privado, la puesta a punto de este tipo de construcciones cobra mayor protagonismo durante la primavera, época perfecta para renovar o proyectar desde cero instalaciones como piscinas, playas o vestuarios, donde la elección de un buen material marcará el buen resultado final de estos exigentes proyectos.


The public swimming pools installations are subject to high and varied demands due to their purpose, the way they are used and the surroundings in which they are built. The material produced using the exclusive Exagres ceramic extrusion process is extremely resistant and offers a great solution to all the requirements in a construction project of this nature, whether it be a swimming pool, pool surround, changing room or other associated installations.

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The huge range of special pieces for swimming pools to be found in the catalogue includes the Finnish overflow coping system. This is the most popular system for public and competition pools, and includes such pieces as the pool edge, corners, grating support, external cove, internal cap and internal coves, among others. This extensive range guarantees perfect results from any highly demanding public swimming pool project.   

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In terms of building or renovating private and residential swimming pools, the extremely high quality of the construction materials used for demanding public swimming pools spills over into the private market with Exagres. This allows end users to enjoy the highest quality and durability of the materials used on public pools for their own installations at home, exponentially increasing the technical possibilities for all sorts of projects.

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Furthermore, the gradual and constant enlargement of collections season after season allows for a huge range of designs (from marbles to woods, as well as natural stones and more rustic looks) and various swimming pool coping systems, such as the innovative skimmer edge (found in several series) or the overflow edge, which is characteristic of the impressive in an infinity, and lake effect pools.


If you would like to know more about our extensive technical catalogue for public and private swimming pools, do not hesitate to contact for the best personalised advice for your project.