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About us - Exagres

About Exagres


A pioneering brand in professional solutions

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EXAGRES is the brand that best understands the demands of the current architecture design. It proposes solutions and implements surfaces that guarantee high levels of performance on technical and aesthetic aspects. At the same time respects the needs of the modern environmental demands of the building sector.

The natural product of Exagres and Gresan, with its particular system of production named "extrusion", is able to generate special formats, large and small trims and colors, and varied structures. All together facilitates the professional placement of the material.

Although EXAGRES maintains its artisanal essence, we are also up to date in respect to the latest technologies. Our products are directed, among others, to architects, engineers and constructors, offering solutions for their projects.

Our trajectory is our value, our know-how

Experience is our ally, being the factor that defines us and sets us apart. Our know-how and a productive process dominated by experienced hands, gives us the certainty that the future is only possible in the respect and knowledge of everything learned.

EXAGRES safety is secured by 40 years of technology innovation, knowledge and understanding of multiple needs, the balance between the environment around us, at home, in cities, in our work, and the respect for environment.

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Solutions at the service of each project 

A careful study of the needs for special pieces, color, form and sizes, guarantee the functionality and high aesthetic content in each type of project. Our product performs well in urban architecture, industrial use and all kind of interiors.

The design and style of the EXAGRES product lasts over time, it is not subject to trends fluctuation, but it is based on use of a product that lives in time without technical or aesthetic deterioration.

about exagres

Innovation and development

In the early 70s, Exagres entered the extruded Clinker market. At that time the industry was still anchored in the double-fired red body.

Since its founding, the company plays a key leadership role in the research of raw materials and production processes, making available to large professionals great solutions in ceramics. Exagres develops special pieces such as steps, corners, angles, flashings, edges of pools etc.

EXAGRES gets positioned quickly as a leading manufacturer in Europe.

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EXAGRES, a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and commercialization of tiles and special pieces in extruded ceramic, has as the main objective the customer satisfaction, taking care the quality requirements.
This document states the guidelines in the following key areas: Environment Protection, Prevention of Occupational Risks, Data protection, Quality Management, and a Responsible Energy Use.
♣    Ensure all products and services provided to our customers are safe and fulfil all the requirements and current standards

♣    Create a culture of an integrated management based on the quality of the services and products, environment protection, health and safety of the people inside the company, through a continuous improvement, training and motivating our personnel in relation with:

o    Minimization the Environmental impact of our activity
o    Prevention of Occupational Risks
o    Full Quality assurance
o    A Responsible Energy Consumption

♣    Instruct, motivate and involve all our personnel in the management and development of the implemented system in order to know and be awareness of the responsibilities, promoting participation plans, awareness, information and training, integrating suppliers and customer in our commitment

♣    Keep an optimal infrastructure, both physical and technological, to meet all the activities within the organization with quality, security, technology and environmental responsibility.

♣    Protect the data integrity we treat, both own and our customers, as well as the use of the best technology to take care this information.

♣    Accept the compromise to fulfil all the legal requirements and those other subscribed in matters of Quality, Environment, Prevention of Occupational Risk and Energy.

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 This policy based on quality, environment, prevention of occupational risk and energy, must be known by all Exagres staff, and provides the framework to set and review objectives. The management acquires the commitment to fulfil with the entire requirements of management system applicable to all products and services, as well as a continuous improvement on its effectiveness

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