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Gresan, a Traditional, Long-lasting and Fully Sustainable Extruded Tile for Exteriors

Gresan, a Traditional, Long-lasting and Fully Sustainable Extruded Tile for Exteriors

Gresan is an extremely strong and long-lasting collection with a traditional design that has positioned itself as the best paving material for outdoor spaces due to its high-performance characteristics

Changing trends and the rise of new user requirements leave no room for doubt: classic materials like natural extruded tiles are making a big comeback.

Exagres has committed to enhancing its Gresan line - now the benchmark material for public and private outdoor spaces - as the best choice for paving these areas by including an extensive range of special pieces to accompany the standard base units. This collection has been designed to offer unique solutions and enable any space to be completely covered.

The Best Extruded Tiles for Exteriors

With collections based on Mediterranean know-how and craftwork, Gresan perfectly adapts to the new demands emerging from the world of architecture in its search for ways to breathe new life and functionality into outdoor spaces.

This extruded tile for exteriors comes in four earth-coloured collections - Albarracín, Natural, Onix and Sahara - the design of which is characterised by the natural shading of pieces and their irregular texture, which is achieved by using incrustations. These characteristics superbly highlight their traditional look. Furthermore, the diversity and modular nature of these pieces mean creative designs can be produced for almost infinite pattern combinations that add functionality and a pleasing aesthetic for unique personality in any space.

Every collection includes a wide range of special pieces to solve any technical and aesthetic issues in any kind of project. Homes, plazas, walkways, steps and swimming pools are just some of the possible ways Gresan can be used, the pieces of which offer unique performance characteristics designed for outdoor spaces: extreme strength and durability, and the capacity to withstand extreme climates and resist all chemical and disinfectant agents.

Natural and Sustainable

Gresan is an environmentally friendly product that is manufactured using vertical extrusion methods and natural raw materials. Using clay and no kind of chemical products, the pieces are baked at very high temperatures to produce extruded tiles of extremely high quality. Any waste produced during the various stages of the production process are recycled and re-used.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about one of the preferred materials among professionals due to its durability, strength and easy installation.

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