New Developments

Exagres introduces three new and innovative collections and new type of product for outdoor spaces, a 2CM Outdoor technical flooring. We offer products where design and quality go hand in hand, fully covering the technical and aesthetical needs of any project.

Se trata de tres colecciones cada una de ellas inspiradas en diferentes materiales, Lizana una madera de belleza natural e inspirada en roble envejecido, Cosmos de aspecto metálico e inspiración industrial y Ardenas una piedra caliza muy conocida en Bélgica, además de disponer para espacios exteriores espesorado en 20mm.

Gresan's new collections combine large doses of design and elegance with the brand's most natural and sustainable material. The new collections - Ordesa, Oria, Bali and Boreal - are committed to new formats, focused on 'Small Tiles', thus expanding the range of solutions offered to architects and interior designers.

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