Outdoor stairs flooring

In most of today's construction projects, the requirements and technical demands when choosing the materials to be used have increased. There are different kind, therefore, require specific solutions for each of them. Incorporating special pieces for the exterior staircase floor, such as ceramic steps, facilitates the integration of outdoor and indoor spaces, giving continuity to the spaces.

Exagres is a specialist in offering professional solutions for all contractor projects needing them. Our wide range of special pieces makes it possible to successfully and confidently fulfill any technical requirement indicated in an architectural project.

Characteristics outdoor stairs flooring

Outdoor stairs flooring is an important part of any home or building. Thus, different aspects must be taken into consideration when choosing the materials.
On the one hand, our special pieces come in a large variety of designs and colours to integrate each space in line with individual personal preferences. From step treads simulating wood, marble or cement, among other materials, to treads, window sills and handrails.

But it is not only the aesthetic element that needs to be considered. The technical characteristics of Exagres outdoor stair floors have the highest anti-slip level, R11, to guarantee safety.
Plus, since this material is specially designed for outdoors, the resistance and durability of these pieces are quite higher so they can withstand heavy people traffic and extreme climate changes.

Among the types of steps used in outdoor stair flooring it is the Straight Step in 33×33 cm format and the ML Step of 33×120 cm or the Fiorentino step. The adaptability of Exagres collections to different aesthetics and new trends is guaranteed. If you want to know more details about the outdoor staircase flooring contact us.