Exagres boosts its CSR programme with new charity projects


The growth enjoyed by Exagres as a benchmark in the ceramics sector has always been shadowed by the development of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme. By giving such actions greater importance within its overall strategy, Exagres has boosted its contribution to society this year by launching several new charity projects with leading entities and associations both in Spain and overseas.

The commitment from Exagres to its CSR programme is stronger every day and includes cooperation with such important associations and entities as the Spanish Red Cross and the Adecco Foundation.

Besides its significant annual contribution to the development of all initiatives undertaken by the Spanish Red Cross, which include support for people at risk of social exclusion and the distribution of food and supporting products to people’s homes, Exagres has been working with the Adecco Foundation this year on its Disability Week 2022 project..


A great deal of progress has been made since the Spanish Disability Act was passed 40 years ago, but the ultimate goal has yet to be achieved. Alongside the Adecco Foundation, Exagres decided to lend special support to the incredible Disability Week 2022 campaign organised by the institution; a campaign that highlights the huge strides taken towards obtaining rights for and the inclusion of persons with disabilities while remaining focused on continued progress towards becoming a benchmark country at both legislative and human levels.

Exagres would like to express its enormous gratitude for the amazing efforts made by organisations such as the Spanish Red Cross and the Adecco Foundation, whose work is of vital importance to building a fairer and more equal society. These charity initiatives will always be supported by Exagres.