7 Poolside Gardens for a Unique Lifestyle

Poolside Gardens - Exagres

Step into the world of landscape architecture with these captivating ideas for gardens featuring pools, perfect for both residential and contract projects. Each example, showcasing Exagres products, offers a unique opportunity to transform outdoor spaces into works of art that seamlessly blend design and functionality.

Garden #1

Comprehensive designs take center stage, offering not only an aesthetic appeal but also enhancing the technical aspects of chosen materials. This design trend, seen prominently in the upcoming seasons, involves covering the pool, edges, and the surrounding area, seamlessly connecting them to the garden with tiles laid on the lawn.

Featured pool: Imperial Siena.

Poolside Gardens - Exagres

Garden #2

Even in smaller gardens, versatility shines with the addition of a small pool, as seen in this example featuring our Ópera Silver series.

Poolside Gardens - Exagres

Garden #3

Wooden finishes have gained popularity over the years for their natural charm and seamless integration with the environment. Additionally, extruded and porcelain tiles offer unmatched durability and resilience, as exemplified by this

project in Benicàssim featuring our Yoho Oak series.

Poolside Gardens - Exagres

Garden #4

The use of 20MM tiles on grass is a growing trend, providing continuity between spaces while respecting the natural environment of the garden.

In the image, the Ardenas series from Exagres.

Poolside Gardens - Exagres

Garden #5

Returning to wood, this time with Exagres' exclusive ceramic deck. Its easy assembly and disassembly make it a top choice for poolside gardens.

Pool in Barcelona featuring Exadeck Oak.

Poolside Gardens - Exagres

Garden #6

Marble remains a favored finish for garden pools among architects and landscapers. Thanks to the latest ceramic technology, elegant designs are now achievable, as showcased in this pool in Pontevedra featuring our Marbles Travertino.

Poolside Gardens - Exagres

Garden #7

Calacatta marble is synonymous with elegance and sophistication, making it a perfect choice for garden pool projects. With its easy maintenance, resistance, and durability, it's the ideal material for such endeavors.

Pool featuring our Marbles Calacatta collection.

Poolside Gardens - Exagres

These poolside gardens demonstrate the boundless potential of Exagres collections in creating exceptional outdoor spaces. Get inspired for your next project and elevate your garden design with Exagres.