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Always the best tiles for outdoor use

Gresan was born in 1994 in Andorra, Teruel.

From the beginning, we chose a traditional line manufacturing naturally extruded ceramic tiles.

Shaping the pieces by extrusion allows us to obtain an endless amount of special 3D pieces designed to offer unique solutions and allow the integral covering of spaces.

Gresan extruded ceramic tile is a ceramic material specially designed for outdoor use since, besides having high strength and durability, it withstands extreme weather conditions.

Gresan has four collections: Natural, Albarracín, Sahara and Onix, accompanied by a wide range of special pieces and decorations that include all kind of scenarios. Our pieces are designed for homes, squares, parks, stairs or pools.

Gresan is a nature-friendly product, is quality for life and is a product widely recognized for outdoor use. A classic and a favourite for tile setters for its durability, strength and ease of application. Pieces with unique features designed to live outdoors.

gresan series exterior flooring


There is a wide variety of proposals for installing Natural and Albarracin models that, combined with one or more formats (32,5x32,5 cm., 24,5x24,5 cm., 32,5x49,7 cm., 16x32,5 cm., blocks, risers, and decors) and also with the multiple disposition of the bases, can create unique, personal and charming spaces.

multi format tiles

Features and Characteristics

aesthetic continuity tile

Aesthetic continuity

The manufacture of Special 3D pieces allows us to offer a complete collection of special pieces to solve assembly points, changes of position and saddle points.

quality durability tile

Quality and durability

Gresan products stand the test of time and always keep their warm and natural look, and their unalterable technical properties. Therefore, we are committed to providing a guarantee for life to every client

variety tile


The firing process makes the pieces is like another. The shade variation and textures of our pieces seek their inspiration in the elements of nature. We manufacture bases with different sizes that can modulate among them, offering multiple layouts in their compositions.

eco-friendly tile


GRESAN is a product that respects the environment. Our manufacturing process does not involve any chemical product, we use only natural raw materials. Also, waste generated at various stages of the process is reused again.

frost resistant tile

Resistant to frost and temperature changes

Our materials are very suitable for outdoor use because they resist temperature contrast, cold and ice, and remain unchanged throughout the course of time.

chemical resistant tile

Resistant to chemicals and easy to clean

Gresan products get the highest possible rating by the test for determining the chemical resistance established by international standards. Moreover, thanks to their low water absorption, they are more resistant to stains. For cleaning, we recommend using a mild detergent and running water.

anti slip tile

Slip resistance

All our collections have an anti-slip treatment and are certified by renowned laboratories as tiles highly resistant to sliding. Our range of products is classified as Class 3 (ENV12633:2003), R12 (din 51130) and Class C (DIN 51097).

dovetail tile


Extrusion moulding allows making the back of the piece with dovetail. This design gives the system excellent grip properties as it increases the contact surface between the adhesive and the tile.


Principal uses


It is common to find this product on porches, terraces, stairs, walls, and gardens. Apart from being perfect for outdoor use, Gresan offers an aesthetic continuity and can be placed inside homes either as tiling or lining.


We want to emphasize the use of our products in the lining of stairs both indoor and outdoor areas, and we offer a variety of technical solutions.

The set of steps, squares, strings and risers allow our products acquire aesthetics with high added value resulting in a harmonious whole.

Swimming pools and water areas

Gresan offers solutions for pools and water areas with a range of high-performance product: hygiene, user safety, durability and a wide range of sizes. Our pieces are an ideal covering for both community and private pools, spas, spas and wellness areas.

Architecture, urbanism and public works

With Gresan, we renew the tradition of natural extruded ceramic tiles as covering for outdoor public spaces. Due to their mechanical properties and resistance to frost and slip, we can find them in squares, shopping centres or parks.

pool gresan


Tecnical solutions

In Gresan, you can find all kinds of solutions for your home. Highlighting our coping systems for pools and our steps, squares and strings for stairs.

pool tiles gresan

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