Gresan – Extruded stoneware

Gresan is a natural product line manufactured with vertical extrusion combined with high firing temperatures to make high-quality extruded klinker tile.

Gresan offers two types of products – Extruded Natural Klinker and Glazed Extruded Stoneware – along with a wide range of special and decorative pieces to provide technical and aesthetic solutions for any type of space. Our pieces are designed for homes, public squares, walkways, stairs and pools. Pieces with unique features designed for outdoors.

Gresan is a product that combines tradition and modernity. A new form of craftwork translated into contemporary design, awakening atmospheres of sensations and deep-rooted emotions.

What is extruded stoneware?

Extruded klinker tile is a product that transcends decorative trends and adapts to the new demands in interior design. The production of extruded tile is no mystery: clay is used without any type of chemical product and the pieces are baked at a very high temperature which results in high-quality extruded tile.

Standing out because of its hardness and low water absorption, it’s material with extreme rigidity, character and severity which is conformed to withstand high degrees of mechanical and chemical resistance for easier professional installation.

Extruded stoneware characteristics

Gresan collections adapt to the new demands that have arisen in the world of architecture, especially considering the extreme outdoor resistance and durability performance. This is why some of the main characteristics and values of extruded stoneware are as follows:


Quality and durability

Visual continuity

Visual continuity




Resistant to frost and temperature changes


Resistencia al deslizamiento
C-3 / R12 / Clase C
C-3 / R11 / Clase C


Resistant to chemicals and easy to clean


Dovetail patterned underside


Resistente a climas extremos en exteriores


Curtain is a unique ceramic lattice, capable of structuring space and sculpting light. An architectural solution designed for interior design and transition areas to outdoor spaces.

Extruded natural klinker

This extruded stoneware for outdoors comes in three earthly-coloured collections – Gresan Albarracín, Natural and Onix- the design of which is characterized by the natural shading of pieces and their irregular texture, which is achieved by using incrustations. These characteristics highlight their traditional look. Furthermore, the diversity and modular nature of Gresan Natural pieces make it possible to play with the design to create almost infinite pattern combinations that add functionality and a pleasing aesthetic for unique personality in any space.

Glazed extruded stoneware

The new line of Gresan glazed extruded stoneware is known for its innovative small pieces with original finishes and nature-inspired designs. Gresan Small Tiles includes an extensive range of special pieces for easy indoor and outdoor integration, even for pool interiors. The decorative elements with geometric shapes combine the classic style of extruded tiles with the most cutting-edge trends. contact us.



Oria Series

Ordesa Series

Boreal Series

Bali Series

Mesh-mounted tiles Series

Gresan Series

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