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Exagres S.A. is a long trajectory Clinker manufacturer that dedicates a specific product line for swimming pools. Exagres S.A. is a certified ISO 9001 for the whole supply process, which involves: I+D, production, distribution, technical advice and after-sales service. All of which is provided to architects, construction companies, and other partners that only work with high quality and developed products.

Pool coatings, edges, special pieces and exteriors of the pools, dressing rooms, and complementary installations are exposed to strict demands due to the use, the place and the environment.

Extruded tile is extremely resistant and proposes a global solution to all requirements in such a installation. Shape, colour, and texture variety; together with a wide variety of special pieces, gives functional solutions to different projects providing durable coatings and high quality finishes.

Public Pools

Finnish system is the most common system concerning public pools.

Finnish system also named beach system with continuous overflowing consist in an edge piece with security handle that continues with a slightly inclined plane towards the exterior perimeter of the overflow channel. This channel collects the overflowing water and sends it to the water purifying system.

The level of the water goes along with the level of the beach (outside of the pool). That fact provides great visibility and the pool looks wider and larger.

Private Pools

The extruded product by Exagres for swimming pools is long lasting, hygienic, safe and anti-slip. Swimming pool systems with a long product life that permit aesthetic pool-terrace integration, easy maintenance and is resistant to chemical products.

Below collections are anti-slip class 3, meeting perfectly the legislation from the Technical Building Norms.


azulejos piscina litos exagres

LITOS, series of aesthetic material with character and natural beauty, designed to achieve a global integration in all spaces of the house: interior and exterior including the pool, covering the vessel and the coronation through the overflowing system. A system that allows the continuous filtration of surface water and a safe and comfortable access to the bathing area.

>>> Click to see our Litos Serie


azulejos piscina roca exagres

The ROCA series, with overflowing coping stone system, offers complete aesthetic integration between the interior and exterior of the swimming pool, thus allowing for substitution of the traditional glass mosaic with suitable technical characteristics. The anti-slip values (R12 - CL3 – C CLASS) provide greater safety for wet spaces. With the overflowing system, a lake effect is created that harmonises the visual appearance of the pool. It is a regular system in public swimming pools that is incorporated to the residential section with an innovative design and style of this own.

>>> Click to see our Roca Serie


azulejos piscina marbles exagres

The MARBLES series is presented as the ideal option for interiors, exteriors and swimming pools. Thanks to the class 1 and class 3 finishes, this series offers the possibility of achieving aesthetic continuity between the interior and exterior of the home, including the swimming pool, thus being able to substitute the traditional glass mosaic with pieces of suitable technical characteristics and unique design as well as the possibility of choosing between different marble finishes.

>>> Click to see our Marbles Serie


swimming pool natura exagres

Natura collection has an elegant and modern wood design if you look for a natural, modern and trendy solution. Often used in skimmer pools.

The pool edge in 33x66.5 cm has a very positive reaction among our partners.    

>>> Click to see our Natura Series


azulejos piscina lucca exagres

LUCCA multiformat series of rustic and Mediterranean appearance, available in two terra and grigio shades. The LUCCA series is designed for a skimmer coronation system, in which the water level is 20 cm. below the edges, making maintenance easy.

>>> Click to see our Lucca Serie


azulejos piscina yoho exagres

YOHO series incorporates a new pool edging tile for its skimmer coronation system, achieving unique and personalized environments through an aesthetic pool-terrace integration. Its anti-slip characteristics guarantee its safety and easy maintenance.

YOHO is a sophisticated and timeless natural wood that comes in 4 shades: Oak, Natural, Teak and Maple with base formats 16x67 cm C-3 and 25x150 cm C-1 and C-3.

>>> Click to see our Yoho Serie


swimming pool tiles

New pool edge mainly used in skimmer pools for those who prefer a Stone look design. Format 33x33

>>> Click to see our Petra Series


non slip tiles swimming pool

Traditional and natural pool edge. Gresan is an excellent option for pool surroundings. Natural, high coefficient of anti-slip and beautiful tile shadings. Very suitable for skimmer pools.

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