Pool flooring

Building a swimming pool significantly increases the aesthetic value of a home in addition to providing wellness and recreation. This is why ceramic for pools is the best choice for covering a pool floor as well as for terrace floor tiling.

Outdoor pool flooring must not only have a lovely look, but also meet a series of technical requirements for guaranteed safety.

For this reason, Exagres extruded stoneware is the best choice for designing outdoor and indoor pool areas as it’s very resistant and safe material.

Characteristics of pool flooring

The best guarantee for quality and durability is found in Exagres pool flooring which is comprised of more resistant and safer material. Some of the most outstanding characteristics and advantages are as follows:


Highly resistant
Due to the extrusion manufacturing process, a porcelain stoneware with high durability, low porosity and high resistance to impact wear or sudden changes in temperature is achieved.


An extensive range of collections and finishes
The warmth of wood, elegant marble or timeless stone are some of the options available for tiling flooring around pools. Exagres offers a wide range of graphic possibilities and textures to clad these areas.


Special pieces for construction solutions
Swimming pool construction involves level changes that require special pieces for complete integration between the interior, exterior and pool flooring.


Anti-slip flooring
For safer outdoor pool flooring, the finish must be non-slip. The ceramic used for Exagres swimming pools has received the highest classification for non-slip flooring, a C-3 finish for exteriors.

Anti-slip outdoor floor for pools

One of the most important aspects when choosing swimming pool material, besides the aesthetics, is the safety of outdoor pool flooring.

The highest level of slip resistance is required to guarantee pool safety. The anti-slip pool flooring has a R11 finish as the perfect solution for ensuring user integrity.

A R11 finish is not only ideal for flooring around swimming pools, it’s also important for stairs to be cladded with anti-slip material.
Extruded stoneware is the perfect technical solution for this because of its immense resistance, low porosity and anti-slip level. If you’d like more information contact us.

Types of pool flooring

There are different types of pool flooring with a wide variety of designs to personalize your pool. But, other fundamental aspects should also be taken into account when it comes to flooring around pools: safety and resistance.

We can find flooring for public sports pools and flooring for private pools.

Public sports pool flooring

Public sports pool flooring is exposed to extreme, diverse demands due to their purpose, conditions of use and the environments in which they are located.

The wide range of ceramic special pieces for swimming pools available in the catalogue includes the Finlandés overflow coping system, which is the most common in public and competition pools, featuring pieces such as pool coping, angles, grating support, external cove, internal cap or internal coves and many more.

Private residential pool flooring

Enjoying the quality and durability of ceramic tile materials is not only an advantage of public pool facilities; they can also be enjoyed privately.

The floors for private residential swimming pools are equipped with the most advanced technical solutions to meet today's construction requirements.

On the other hand, the progressive and constant expansion of the collections year after year makes it possible to offer a wide range of designs - from marble to wood, from natural stone to the most rustic aesthetics - as well as different pool coping systems.

The impressive visual effect of continuity towards the infinite achieved with infinity pools is the most popular current trends among architects and landscape architects.

If you’d like more information on our infinity pool collections, take a look at our website.

Overflow coping pools, which are commonly used at hotels and spas and are also becoming more and more popular in residential projects, are those where the water is at the same level as the coping, creating a spectacular lake effect. Find all the information on Exagres overflow coping pools here.

Even though it’s a more classic style, pool skimmers are one of the most commonly used technical solutions as they’re practical and very easy to maintain. Not to mention how they integrate the outdoor and indoor space of pool flooring with the large variety of designs. If you’d like more details on the skimmer system, you can find them here.


The safest anti-slip extruded stoneware



Low-water absorption white body extruded tile, pursuant to UNE-EN 14411, group AIb, glazed


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