What is EXA |TECH|?

EXA |TECH|, a new ventilated facade system

EXA |TECH| is a ventilated facade system coming along with a high-performance porcelain extruded panel, which is compatible with a wide range of structural and fixing systems available in the market.


This construction system bursts onto the market to bring a next generation architectural solution, providing the project with the best performance against the elements and offering a quick installation, cost effective and environmentally friendly program with a wide variety of finishes.


The demand for ventilated facades with ceramic cladding is on the rise. Much of its success is due to the excellent technical properties of this material, which provides great hardness and resistance against adverse weather conditions. In addition, EXA |TECH| comes with an extensive range of collections and a broad variety of finishes. They can be adapted to the design and style of all different homes and buildings.

EXA |TECH| ventilated facades offer strong resistance against UV rays and long durability. In addition, this material has almost zero water absorption, which is a powerful advantage in terms of insulation and energy savings.


Don't miss out on all the advantages that EXA |TECH| can offer you as a new building material for your next projects. 


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What sets EXA |TECH| apart?

The advantages of EXA |TECH|

Extruded porcelain stoneware

EXTRUDED PORCELAIN STONEWARE, with virtually zero absorption values (<0.5%), prevents the proliferation of bacteria, mould and dirt build-up.

Rectified slab

EXA |TECH| FVH is rectified on all 4 sides, reducing tolerances to a minimum and facilitating installation.

Resistance to Color Fading

UV rays will not deteriorate or change the surface color. In addition, EXA |TECH| porcelain panels are not affected by strong temperature changes and have good performance against thermal shock. These properties make them unalterable over time.

Design variety

Extensive catalog of colors, surface finishes by digital printing and textures. Possibilities of project customization in our inhouse EXA |TECH| DESIGN department.

Full body

EXA |TECH| offers different coloured body options, giving a continuous aesthetic finish to the surface and core of the panel.


Antibacterial ventilated facade


EXA |TECH| FVH porcelain panels are produced with top quality materials guaranteeing great resistance against breakage.


Alveloar structure

It gives the piece greater resistance, helping to improve and increase thermal and acoustic insulation.

Economical savings

EXA |TECH| FVH extruded alveolar panels does not require any reinforcement mesh, or side / rear cuts to form the grooves, drastically reducing production costs compared to other manufacturers, resulting in a more economical final product.



Ease of maintenance and cleaning thanks to the low absorption of EXA |TECH| porcelain panels where dirt will never penetrate or stay on the surface.


An extensive selection of formats can be installed both horizontally and vertically.



Completely fire resistant material.

A big change

Choose EXA |TECH| and design spectacular buildings featuring resistant, durable, easy-to-clean and highly hygienic facades.


Thanks to the wide variety of formats EXA |TECH| offers, it can be adapted to the different building shapes, facilitating a fast installation.

Use for building renovations

Use for new constructions

Full body & Digital printing & Textures

Project customization

EXA |TECH|: technical data

- Length and width: ± 1% ± 2 mm.

- Thickness: ± 10%.

- Straightness of sides: ± 0.5%.

- Rectangularity: ± 1.0%.

- Surface Flatness: ± 0.5%.

- Water absorption: < 0,5 %.

- Breaking strength: > 6.000 N.

- Resistance to thermal shock: guaranteed.

- Crazing resistance: guaranteed.

- Frost resistance: guaranteed.

- Chemical resistance: A/LA/HA.

- Stain resistance: class 5

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If you are interested in EXA |TECH|, please fill in the form to receive more information about our innovative ceramic decking. We will provide you with personalised, no-obligation advice.

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