Beige Pools: Elegance and Versatility


Beige is the perfect choice for pool tiling due to its ability to create warm, elegant, and timeless environments. This neutral tone easily adapts to a wide range of styles and decorative elements, providing a serene backdrop that highlights the water in light blue or aquamarine tones. Additionally, the beige colour palette visually enlarges and brightens the pool area, making the space feel more open and welcoming.

Below, we present a selection of Exagres porcelain stoneware series in beige tones, each with its ideal characteristics and applications for pools.

Beige Porcelain Stoneware Collections for Pools

Imperial Siena Series

The Imperial Siena Series stands out for its sophisticated beige tone and soft nuances. This porcelain stoneware is perfect for those who desire a pool environment that exudes luxury and distinction. Its anti-slip finish and high resistance make Imperial Siena a safe and functional choice without compromising the refined aesthetic that characterises this series.

beige pools

Marbles Travertino Series

The Marbles Travertino Series is ideal for those seeking a luxurious and sophisticated finish for their pool. This porcelain stoneware perfectly emulates the look of natural travertine, offering an elegant and durable aesthetic. Its beige tone provides warmth and a sense of tranquillity, ideal for outdoor spaces that aim to convey an air of exclusivity and comfort.


Bedford Sand Series

The Bedford Sand Series offers a beige tone with natural nuances that evoke the appearance of stone. This tiling is ideal for pools seeking a balance between aesthetics and functionality, providing a sense of connection with nature. Its texture and colour add a touch of warmth and elegance, making the outdoor space feel cosy and harmonious.


Ardenas Marfil Series

The Ardenas Marfil Series is distinguished by its light beige tone and uniformity. This tiling is ideal for creating a bright and spacious environment around the pool. Ardenas Marfil is known for its timelessness and ability to integrate into various decorative styles, from the most classic to the most contemporary.


Ópera Light Series

For those who prefer a more modern and minimalist design, the Ópera Light Series is an excellent choice. This light beige porcelain stoneware is characterised by its cement-like finish, adding a material and contemporary touch to the pool area. Additionally, its high resistance to sudden temperature changes and wear makes it a durable and easy-to-maintain option.


Choose the perfect tiling for your pool with the beige porcelain stoneware series from Exagres. Transform your outdoor space into an oasis of elegance and versatility, and enjoy the serenity and beauty that this colour palette can offer.